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This fortified castle still belongs to the same family as it has done since its construction in 1341. Some additions and improvements were caried out in the XVIth and XVIIIth centuries. Today Urtubie Castle is an inviting Historical Monument, furnished and decorated with refinement.

The stones of Urtubie tell six centuries of Basque history. King Louis XI sejourned in the castle in 1463 and Louis XIV declared the site a viscounty in 1654. In the 19th century, Soult then Wellington were known to have stayed at the castle during the Napoleonic wars.

Situated 3 kilometres from Saint Jean de Luz and 9 kilometres from Spain, Urtubie Castle boasts and exceptional setting, charm and historic magnificence which are worth the visit. Urtubie Castle has a classified park full of flowers in spring and summer.

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